(6Q) PROJECT – More River Restoration

This week, plans and specifications were approved for the Oakville to Oak Knoll Group B Revegtation project, which is a part of the larger Napa River Restoration effort. This effort continues restoration activities on the Napa River to reduce sediment loads into the river and to support biological complexity throughout the river channel. Funding will come from grants as well as County unincorporated area Measure A funds in order to support revegetation efforts, including off-site tree planting. The project is now ready to go out to bid, with completion of the project anticipated for 2022 following the conclusion of a three-year plant establishment period.

(6FF) Appointment

Congratulations to Ann Marie Conover for her appointment to serve on the Unincorporated Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District (NVTID) Governing Committee!

(9D) Open Space Tax “Measure K” Placed on 2020 Ballot

The Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District Board of Directors adopted a resolution in July asking the Board of Supervisors to call a special sales tax election imposing a 0.25% sales tax for 15 years within the boundaries of the district in order to supply a dedicated source of funds to implement the Napa Open Space District Master Plan. Of the estimated $9 million annually generated, at least 52% will be used for acquisition of open space, 25% for operating, maintaining and improving lands including construction of new trails and 20% will go to City parks. This week, following public comment and discussion, the Board adopted the resolution to place this ordinance on the March 3, 2020 ballot. Look for this on the 2020 ballot, where it has been designated as Measure “K” by the Registrar of Voters. To read the ordinance in full, click here.

(9E) Development Agreement Approved for Carneros Resort and Spa

This week, the Board approved a Development Agreement and Use Permit Major Modification for various improvements at Carneros Resort and Spa. These improvements include modifications to existing structures, enhancements of existing areas, installation of a private waterline to eliminate groundwater usage, a new public fire station facility, and relocation of the Boon Fly Café and The Market. The agreement will also result in the County receiving a total of $100,000 over a five year period for affordable housing! To read the development agreement in full, click here.

9F) Napa County Cannabis Regulation Initiative Placed on 2020 Ballot

As you’ve heard, the “Napa County Cannabis Regulation Initiative” petition was circulated for signature by community members and has qualified for the ballot. This week, we received the 9111 report prepared by staff regarding the initiative now designated as Measure “J”. This initiative would amend the Napa County Code to add commercial cannabis cultivation to the definition of “Agriculture”, allow commercial cannabis activities in the Agricultural preserve, agricultural watershed and airport zoning districts, and impose an annual tax on such activities. Following the report, discussion, and public comment, a resolution was adopted to place the Initiative on the ballot for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary election. To view the informative 9111 report in full, click here. To view the resolution which places Measure J on the ballot, click here.

10A) Portion of the Napa County Fairgrounds Sold to the City of Calistoga

This week’s approved resolution will transfer 34.3 acres of the Napa County Fairgrounds property to the City of Calistoga for a total of $7,717,500. The portion of property transferred to the City includes most major operational facilities including the speedway, fair buildings/offices, a single-family residence, and the recreational vehicle parking area. The remaining portion of the property which consists of the golf course, clubhouse, and a single family residence will remain in County ownership.

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting…

Join the Board on August 27, at 9:00 a.m. on the third floor of the County Administration Building — 1195 Third Street, Suite 310, Napa.