(6BB/6CC/6DD/6EE/10C) Appointments

Congratulations to those appointed to the following groups:

  • Re-appointment of Debbie Peralez to serve on the First 5 Napa County Children and Families Commission.
  • Appointment of Sharon Gmelch to serve on the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.
  • Appointment of Kerry Ahearn to serve on the Napa County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council.
  • Re-appointment of David Graves to serve on the Napa Sanitation District Board of Directors.
  • Re-appointment of Laura Dayton and Gene Rose to serve on the Napa County Dangerous Animal Hearing Panel.

(9B) Napa County Annual Report

As we reflect on the past year, I am proud to share the accomplishments of our 19 County Departments for the betterment of our County and our community. The following are highlights from the 2019 Napa County Annual Report:

  • Took several important steps in addressing the impacts of Climate Change and protecting our natural resources by: working with our city partners to develop a countywide greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan; adopting an ordinance to bolster protections for water quality and forests; and partnering with the City of Napa to monitor the Hennessy and Milliken Watersheds to ensure the health of these reservoirs.
  • Celebrated the creation of 148 affordable housing units as well as the passage of SB 235, allowing the County and City of Napa to share credit for the 140 affordable housing units that the Napa Pipe project will build.
  • Completed the following key projects: resurfacing runways at the County Airport, new retaining wall near Pratt Ave., Milliken/Trancas Stone Bridge repair, and paving Silverado Trail from Yountville to Skellinger.
  • Hosted our inaugural Community Open House and Emergency Preparedness Fair where more than 350 people attended. The Fair was also followed by six additional smaller-scale emergency preparedness community meetings.

(9C) Hard Six Cellars Winery Appeal

After careful consideration and discussion, the Board voted to turn down the proposed Hard Six Cellars Winery Use Permit on top of Diamond Mountain. The Board came to a consensus that this scale of a project up a narrow, steep driveway that far up in a high fire risk area is not appropriate. Staff is scheduled to come back to us on April 14th with a resolution and findings reflecting the Board’s decision to uphold the appeal.

(9D) PG&E Gas Pipeline Replacement Project

Received a presentation from PG&E regarding their project to test their gas distribution and transmission pipeline and replace portions of outdated (1930’s) infrastructure. The extensive testing and upgrading will be conducted at various locations between Napa and Calistoga, largely following Hwy 29. Some work has already commenced, more will continue this summer, and work is expected to be complete in 2021. Click here, for more information on PG&E’s project and to view their project timeline.

(9E) Lake Berryessa Recreational Development

Staff continues to work diligently with the Bureau of Reclamation to finalize the Managing Partner Agreement (MPA), which would allow the County to take over responsibilities of recreation management at Lake Berryessa for up to seven concession areas for a 55-year term, expected to begin November 2020. Once the MPA is finalized, the County anticipates releasing a Request for Proposal in April/May 2020 for the first three concession areas – Steele Park, Spanish Flat, and Monticello Shores. Stay tuned for more updates along the way!

(10A) Napa Pipe Makes Big Progress!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m incredibly excited to share that the Board approved a $750,000 pre-development loan for the first of two affordable housing projects at Napa Pipe. The first project will include 85 units with a mix of one, two, and three bedroom units, which will serve individuals making between 30-60% of Area Median Income. The Napa Pipe project would not have been possible without the recent passage of SB 235, allowing the County and City of Napa to share credit for housing units in order to meet our Regional Housing Needs Allocation. A big thank you to our State Senator Bill Dodd and our city and private partners!

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting…

Join the Board on March 10, at 9:00 a.m. on the third floor of the County Administration Building — 1195 Third Street, Suite 310, Napa.