(6W) Appointments

Congratulations to those appointed to serve on the Napa County Mental Health Board:

  • Re-appointment of Kathleen Chance, Zachariah Geyer, and Beth Nelson
  • Appointment of Robert Palmer and Francis “Frank” Dolan

(9B) Small Winery & Use Permit Streamlining Ordinance

Had the first reading of an ordinance to streamline the use permit process for small wineries, modifications to existing use permits, and development within the Airport Business Park. Staff will consider the direction provided by the Board and the public input we received, work on updating the draft ordinance and bring it back to us at the next Board meeting on January 28th. More to come.

(9C) $1.1M in Grant Funding to Support Health-Related Services

Approved $1.1 million in grant funding derived from the National Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) to support health-related services in FY 2020-21. Of the total amount available, $100,000 has been set aside for a contract with the Community Health Initiative to assist the community in obtaining and keeping health insurance, and $275,000 for the COPE Triple P program. This leaves $725,000 in MSA funds available for eligible nonprofits and local government agencies seeking funding for programs to provide health-related services to residents in Napa County. For more information on the application process or to submit a grant application, click here.

(9E) Caregiver Permit Ordinance

The Board had the first reading of amendments to the Caregiver Permit Ordinance, originally adopted in 2010. The amended ordinance will no longer require Napa County caregivers to obtain a locally issued permit and instead have them register through the California Department of Social Services. In addition, registered caregivers will be required to have their full name, birth day/month, and Home Care Registry ID number, posted on the Napa County website, allowing law enforcement to determine whether a caregiver is in compliance at any time of day. Lastly, caregivers will need to provide proof that they have tested negative for tuberculosis biennially rather than annually. Final adoption of the amended Caregiver Permit Ordinance is scheduled to take place on January 28th.

(9F) Napa County Commission on Aging

Received an annual report from Heather Stanton, Chair of the Commission on Aging. In February 2019, the Commission identified three goals that it would focus on, which included the ability to age in place; housing answers for the most vulnerable older adults; and removing barriers for access to mental health services. At this week’s meeting, Heather discussed the work accomplished around these goals and the Commission’s work plan for this year. To view the Commission’s accomplishments and work plan in detail, click here.

(10A) Appointed to the Napa Subregion Housing Allocation Committee!

I’m honored to be appointed to the newly formed Napa Subregion Housing Allocation Committee (NSHAC) along with my colleague Supervisor Wagenknecht, where we will represent Napa County in the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process. For background, RHNA is the state-mandated process to identify the number of housing units, by affordability level, that each jurisdiction must accommodate in the Housing Element of its General Plan.

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time discussing with our city partners how we could work collectively through this process, which ultimately led to the formation of NSHAC. To date, the City of American Canyon, the City of Napa, and the Town of Yountville have confirmed interest and will present resolutions this month to become a member of NSHAC. We expect to hear from the City of St. Helena by the end of the month, while the City of Calistoga has declined to participate. Moving forward, NSHAC is expected to have its first meeting the second week of February and will have until July 2021 to issue the final housing allocation. More updates to come along the way!

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting…

Join the Board on January 28, at 9:00 a.m. on the third floor of the County Administration Building — 1195 Third Street, Suite 310, Napa.