(6H) Patrick Road Bridge Repair

The Patrick Road Bridge sustained damage in the 2014 Napa Earthquake and as a result funding was requested from FEMA in order to make repairs. Initially, FEMA only obligated $14,270 in funding, which the County felt was insufficient. After two appeals and a couple trips I took to DC to lobby our case, the County was successful in obtaining a more appropriate level of funding from FEMA in order to restore the bridge to its pre-disaster load-carrying capacity. Additionally, the Board approved a contract amendment with WRECO to provide continuous engineering support for this project and the two Whitehall Lane bridges, also damaged by the 2014 earthquake. Construction is anticipated to be in Fiscal Year 2022-23, but before then, staff will return to the Board at a future date for authorization of design and construction funds.

(6O/6P/10C) Appointments

Congratulations to those appointed to the following groups:

  • Appointment of William Chadwick to serve on the Napa County Advisory Board on Alcohol and Drug Programs
  • Appointment of Evelyn Denzin to serve on the Watershed Information and Conservation Council of Napa County
  • Appointment of Charles Koch to serve on the Napa County Airport Land Use Commission

(9C) Lake Berryessa Recreational Development

The Board received an update regarding possible future concession management at Lake Berryessa. The County had previously entered into an MOU with the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) to discuss whether the County should assume management of one or more concession areas and gauge development interest. The County is currently in discussions with the BOR regarding how to share the cost and risk of possible concession management as well as how to best manage and develop the Lake Berryessa area. Although there is still much work to do, I’m excited to report that many of the proposed terms under the Managing Partner Agreement (MPA) with the BOR have been resolved, including the 55-year term expected to begin November 1, 2020. Staff anticipates returning to the Board in January/February 2020 with the MPA for consideration and releasing a Request for Proposal in April/May 2020 for concessionaires at Steele Park, Spanish Flat, and Monticello Shores.

(9D) Federal Legislative Report

As part of developing Napa County’s legislative platform, every year our lobbyists report on the previous year’s legislative session. In October, we heard from our State lobbyists and at this week’s meeting we received a report from our Federal Lobbyists. The next step is to present a draft of the 2020 State and Federal platforms to the Legislative Subcommittee on December 9 and to the Board on December 17.

(10A) Hennessey & Milliken Watersheds

The County continues working collaboratively with the City of Napa to better understand how changes in the Hennessy and Milliken watersheds might impact the related lake and reservoir as well as to protect the drinking water supply it provides. With insufficient water quality data available to develop a fully functional model, the Board approved an updated MOU with the City to include the development and implementation of a water quality sampling and analysis program that will measure a broad suite of parameters at regular intervals at multiple sites. Monitoring is expected to take place November through May starting this year. After a few seasons of sufficient data, the watershed model can be refined and recalibrated to provide more confidence in the model’s output and predictions.

(10B) Guidelines for Use of Affordable Housing Funds

Received an update from our Director of Housing and Homeless Programs regarding proposed revisions to the guidelines for loans from the County’s Affordable Housing Fund. The original guidelines were first released in 2010, but after nine years, it’s time to update them to reflect current conditions. Given that many affordable housing loans are issued jointly, the guidelines are in the process of being updated concurrently with the City of Napa. The proposed changes include:

  • Including home ownership opportunities as an acceptable use.
  • Requiring the inclusion of permanent supportive housing units in new developments.
  • Specifically including pre-development expenses as an approved use of funds.
  • Establishing a preference for local workers and farm worker households and development in any Affordable Housing Combination Districts (AHCD) and the Napa Pipe project.
The proposed guidelines will also be reviewed by the Napa City Council and come back to the Board for adoption at a future date.

Stoddard West Apartments – Grand Opening!

It was in June 2017 when the Board first discussed the opportunity to partner in the Stoddard West development. To see a project go through planning, entitlement, and construction to get us to this Grand Opening just over two years later is an incredible accomplishment! I would like to recognize Burbank Housing for their commitment to seeing this project to completion and thank the Gasser Foundation for their continued support of our community.

It is critical, that we work with our public and private partners to ensure that we maintain housing that is affordable so that those that currently live in Napa County can stay in Napa County. Thank you to our partners at the City of Napa and all the County and City staff involved in making this project a reality. Napa County is a special community and it is my honor and privilege to celebrate the Stoddard West home. I am particularly proud that three units at Stoddard West are now home to those that have exited homelessness to permanent housing. To all of the new residents of Stoddard West, welcome home!

Next Board of Supervisors Meeting…

Join the Board on December 10, at 9:00 a.m. on the third floor of the County Administration Building — 1195 Third Street, Suite 310, Napa.